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CY is focusing on delivering the highest quality mold bases – made the way you need them – in the shortest timeframe possible. 

A large or custom mold base from us means a turnkey solution

● Full project management in large and custom mold bases

● Experience in design, manufacturing and quality control (ISO 9001:2015 rating) for over molding, rotational, shuttle, stack, compression, thermoset, unscrewing, plastic injection, prototype mold and large capacity injection mold bases

● Full multi-plant capacity to handle multiple mold orders including the largest plates

● We can provide a mold base to you at any level desired from a basic plate order, A-Series with or without inserts, B-Series roughed or finished to a fully plumbed and wired turnkey mold base

● Our ability to stock, cut, grind, and rough raw material allows for orders to be completed efficiently. Our quality control program is guided by the inspection department, which scrutinizes each phase of your job, monitoring and ensuring critical tolerances, proper assembly, clean-up, components, and crating


Most Attractive Points from CY you could get:

● Very Competitive Price 

● High Quality Work

● Fast Lead Time On Time

● Flexible Payment Term including L/C, T/T

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